Thompson Coding Series (TCS) Projects

TCS Projects are open-source learning projects by These projects are centered on the practical learning experience required for developing a considerable number of projects typical to the basic operations of most companies.

TCS projects include discrete areas of business operations namely; basic accounting, project-based driven accounting operations, inventory management (item-cataloguing, inventory-item management order-management etc.), human resource management, payroll, fleet management and education.

Each project in TCS Projects is designed to be related in knowledge and also completely isolated in functionality and operations. The identified areas of business operations are captured in an isolated fashion for development. For-instance, the accounting business operation is wrapped as an isolated project called TCS Accounting.

As earlier stated, each discrete area of composite functionality is captured as a single project in TCS Projects.

TCS Projects is made up of the following operations driven project:

TCS Accounting TCS Inventory TCS Project Accounting TCS Project Inventory TCS Human Resource Management TCS Payment Information Management TCS Payroll Information Management TCS Fleet Management TCS School Management System Each of the projects in TCS Projects has a predefined scope and functional requirements. This documentation provides details for each project, artefact deduction, and visual representation of components.